There’s more to March Madness than just the game. March is also Problem Gambling Awareness month. Through the state-funded CalGETS program, Modern Counseling San Diego offers free, confidential counseling (8 – 16 sessions) for problem gamblers as well as family members, friends, and co-workers who have been affected by problem gambling.
If you think that gambling may have gotten out of control, take the gamblers self-assessment quiz. Are you a family member, friend or co-worker of a problem gambler? Find out if you are affected by taking this quiz on the California Department of Public Health’s website. To make an appointment for free, confidential counseling, call 619-549-3994.

Problem gambling happens when gambling is no longer a game. Like other addictions, betting begins to impact relationships, quality of life and/or finances.  Gambling takes many forms including card games like poker and black jack, mahjong, roulette, slots, sporting events, stocks/financial markets, lottery, horse racing and bingo. Betting can be done on-line, in a casino, card room, or at the track. For more information, visit California’s Office of Problem Gambling Website.