Families in Transition

Families in transition include families who have experienced a recent move, deployment/living apart, medical issues or death of a family member, separation/divorce or a blending of step families.

Life changes and so do families

Counseling can help ease difficult transitions for family members by providing coping tools and skills to navigate new or difficult circumstances.

A recent move to the area means many changes for families including new work, school and living environment. Often it means having left friends and family behind

Military families are affected by deployments – often the most difficult time is at the beginning of the deployment or during reunion as the family adjusts to changes in family roles, expectations, and everyday life.

The loss of an immediate or extended family member leads not only to feelings of grief but also uncertainty about life and the future.

Separation or divorce can lead children to believe that they are somehow at fault for the parents’ decision to live apart and/or that they can fix their parents’ relationship. Children also may experience a sense of instability and loss as the family structure and their daily routine changes.

All family members need time to adjust to living within a blended family structure. This is an extremely important time to slow down and lay a solid foundation.