Families with Young Children

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the first year…

You’ve made it through the sleepless nights, the mounds of dirty laundry, and the worries (does she have a fever? why is he spitting up so much? is she still breathing?).  But now your little one is developing his/her personality, telling you “NO” (toddlers) or downright challenging you (ages 3 on up). Unfortunately the power struggles that tend to develop between kids and parents at this time can set the stage for more difficulties later on.

This is a great time to be pro-active and foster new parenting skills that will build great communication and a lifetime bond between you and your child(ren). Kids don’t come with instructions and we don’t get Parenting 101 in school. Sometimes we learned things that worked (or didn’t work) from our own parents but living in the 21st century also presents new parenting challenges. Many parents benefit from attending a handful (4 – 5) of private counseling or coaching sessions at this time. I also offer workshops and parenting classes for groups of 4 or more (playgroups, daycare centers, schools). Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of the group. Some of the workshops I have taught in the past include:  Communication, Helping Siblings Develop Conflict Resolution Skills, Developing Your Child’s Emotional IQ, Turning Daily Power Struggles into Cooperation, and Creative Parenting Strategies for Everyday Living. Groups are an affordable option and help build a village of like-minded parents who want to build the best relationship possible with their kids and will continue to support each other long after the group ends.

If you are interested in scheduling a private session or are thinking about getting a group started, please contact me at (619)549-3994.

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