Pregnancy/Birth of Baby

And baby makes three…

Studies show that one of the most stressful times in a marriage occurs after the first child is born. Often without the support of family due to distance or other reasons, the couple now faces the challenges of caring for a new baby (or babies!) without the supportive “village.” Partners have to re-negotiate roles and expectations of each other.

I offer counseling  to help the family transition successfully into this new phase of their life. One or both partners may choose to come in for counseling sessions to work on different challenges, including:

  • relationship concerns
  • depression and/or anxiety
  • attachment/bonding issues
  • parenting/parent-child relationships
  • identity and self-esteem

5 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives

  1. Sit down with your partner and discuss the roles your own parents played in raising you. What expectations do you have for your own role and your partner’s role as a parent? How are these similar and/or different than your parents’ roles.
  2. Line up assistance for the first few weeks – friends and family at the baby shower can sign up to cook and deliver meals.
  3. Check into paid maternity and/or family leave for yourself and your partner.
  4. Sign up for a few coaching sessions to prepare for the transition to parenthood. In coaching sessions you will explore your concerns, expectations and hopes about becoming parents, as well as find practical solutions to help you prepare for your new life with baby (or babies)!
  5. Read books about parenting and parent memoirs to each other. Sharing in the preparation for parenthood can strengthen your bond as a couple now and provide space for conversation about your expectations, concerns, and hopes as parents-to-be.

Some of my favorite how-to’s and a journal for new parents: