Workshops and Training

I offer workshops, keynote/plenary talks, and webinars for parents and schools, businesses and associations, and for general audiences.

Please contact me to schedule a workshop, training or talk.

Training for teachers

4 hour experientially-focused Positive Discipline in the Classroom workshop (may be broken down into two sessions of 2 hours each) for school staff/teachers.

Staff/teachers will:

  • Understand motivations for misbehavior and how to respectfully encourage change in ways that eliminates most discipline problems.
  • Be able to identify the four mistaken beliefs that lead to misbehavior.
  • Learn how to encourage students and set limits using kindness and firmness at the same time.
  • Learn tools to effectively lead a classroom based on cooperation and mutual respect instead of control.
  • Learn how to teach students the Eight Building Blocks for effective class meetings.
  • Learn how to teach life skills (self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, problem solving etc) so that students can cooperate and learn successfully in the classroom.
  • Learn a useful set of problem solving steps for really “tough” problems.
  • Have a deeper understanding of human behavior and what motivates positive change.

In addition to the training, participants will be provided with a copy of Positive Discipline in the Classroom, Revised 3rd Edition: Developing Mutual Respect, Cooperation, and Responsibility in Your Classroom [Paperback]

This Workshop Is Lead By Danielle Michaelis Castillo, LMFT And Positive Discipline Educator. Danielle has a counseling practice in San Diego and specializes in relational issues. She also offers parenting/positive discipline workshops. Danielle has a history of coaching teachers in the classroom and is co-author of the journal article, It’s All in the Game: Designing and Playing Board Games to Foster Communication and Social Skills (Young Children, March 2011).