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Modern Counseling San Diego makes it easy to develop strong family relationships with our exclusive online courses! As a parent we want to develop strong bonds with our children but how? These courses were born from my own desire to foster a strong parent-child bond. 

When my first son was a year old he began to say “no” (a lot) and I didn’t know what to do.  That’s how my journey into parent coaching began. First I felt I had to educate myself through classes and workshops, then I had to experience how the tools I was learning about actually worked in real life parenting. I’m a pretty experiential learner so I learn best by “doing.” Once I felt I had the doing down, I began to teach live parenting classes in the community. I’ve now taken that content and formatted it for e-learning.

How are these e-courses different from other online parenting classes?

All of the courses offered here are rooted in the idea of doing, not just reading about information and then taking a multiple choice quiz. Each course module includes video, slides and handouts you can download. There are also interactive components so the courses are best done with a partner parent or caregiver. After each module, you start to practice the material. That’s right, practice! I’ve seen so many e-parenting courses that just lecture at you so I wanted these to be different. I want you to be able to take what you’re learning about and apply it right away…because change happens through doing!

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Parenting tots and preschoolers
Congratulations! You’ve made it through the first year…You’ve made it through the sleepless nights, the mounds of dirty laundry, and the worries: Why is he spitting up so much? Is she still breathing? What’s normal?

But now your little one is developing their personality, telling you NO (toddlers) or downright challenging your authority (ages 3 on up). Unfortunately the power struggles that tend to develop between kids and parents at this time can set the stage for more difficulties later on.
This is a great time to be pro-active and foster new parenting skills that will build communication and a lifetime bond between you and your child(ren). Kids don’t come with instructions and we don’t get Parenting 101 in school. Living in the 21st century presents new parenting challenges and the style our caregivers had (our only instruction manual) may be different than the way we want to parent.

Some of the things we will cover in this e-course include:

  • Communication: Speaking Toddlerese
  • Developing Your Child’s Emotional IQ
  • Turning Daily Power Struggles into Cooperation
  • Creative Parenting Strategies for Everyday Living
  • Helping Siblings Develop Conflict Resolution Skills
Parenteen 101
How is your relationship with your tween or teen changing? Does the sweet kid who would give you hugs and kisses and ask you all sorts of questions, now roll their eyes at you when you talk and shutter themselves to their room?

As parents we may experience a lot of rejection or feelings of helplessness during this time. Our own reactions to teen development can alter the loving relationship we have with our child. Learning how to maintain communication and connection through this time is essential for our family relationships and the becoming of our teen.

This e-course includes the following topics:

  • Understanding the Teen Brain
  • Communication and Connection During the Teen Years
  • Helping Teens Develop Growth Mindset For A Successful Future
  • Independence versus Interdependence
  • Parenting in the Digital Age: What You Need to Know Now
  • Talking with Teens About Social Media
  • Establishing Routines with Teens
Training for Teachers:
Positive Discipline in the Classroom
4 hour experientially-focused Positive Discipline in the Classroom on-line course for teachers and school staff.

Participants will:

  • Understand motivations for misbehavior and how to respectfully encourage change in ways that eliminates most discipline problems.
  • Be able to identify the four mistaken beliefs that lead to misbehavior.
  • Learn how to encourage students and set limits using kindness and firmness at the same time.
  • Learn tools to effectively lead a classroom based on cooperation and mutual respect instead of control.
  • Learn how to teach students the Eight Building Blocks for effective class meetings.
  • Learn how to integrate life skills (self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, problem solving) into academic curricula to foster student cooperation.
  • Learn a useful set of problem solving steps for really “tough” problems.
  • Have a deeper understanding of human behavior and what motivates positive change.

Qualifications: Danielle’s career in education has spanned several decades. Her expertise in the field combined with practical experience are what distinguish her e-courses from others. For more on Danielle, please visit her bio.

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