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  • May is Postpartum Depression Awareness Month 06 May

    DM Castillo

    Postpartum Support International has declared May National Maternal Depression Awareness Month. What are the signs of postpartum depression (PPD) and anxiety? According to Samantha Meltzer-Brody, MD, MPH,“Women with PPD usually have low mood, prominent anxiety and worry, disrupted sleep, feelings of being overwhelmed, and can also feel very guilty that they are not enjoying their experience of motherhood.”  However, PPD can look different in every woman. To read more about PPD, check out  “5 Damaging Myths About Postpartum Depression.”

    If you think you may be experiencing PPD, don’t delay seeking help. Counseling can help build coping skills for postpartum depression, provide emotional support, and assist with parenting questions and concerns.

    Postpartum Depression Help

    Postpartum Depression Counseling Available (619)549-3994

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  • Counseling for Problem Gamblers & Family 20 Mar

    DM Castillo


    When does placing a bet become a problem?

    There’s more to March Madness than just the game. March is also Problem Gambling Awareness month. Through the state-funded CalGETS program, Modern Counseling San Diego offers free, confidential counseling (8 – 16 sessions) for problem gamblers as well as family members, friends, and co-workers who have been affected by problem gambling.
    If you think that gambling may have gotten out of control, take the gamblers self-assessment quiz. Are you a family member, friend or co-worker of a problem gambler? Find out if you are affected by taking this quiz on the California Department of Public Health’s website. To make an appointment for free, confidential counseling, call 619-549-3994.

    Problem gambling happens when gambling is no longer a game. Like other addictions, betting begins to impact relationships, quality of life and/or finances.  Gambling takes many forms including card games like poker and black jack, mahjong, roulette, slots, sporting events, stocks/financial markets, lottery, horse racing and bingo. Betting can be done on-line, in a casino, card room, or at the track. For more information, visit California’s Office of Problem Gambling Website.

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  • Creating change in 2015 13 Jan

    DM Castillo

    IMG_2653It’s the New Year and we’ve all been asked about our New Year’s resolutions. Whether you’ve made a resolution or not, the new year can be a good time to pause and reflect on the changes you want to create in your life. Happier, healthier relationships? Greater career/work satisfaction? Getting more physically active? Creating more balance in an often stress-filled modern world? Here are some things to remember as you step into change.

    1) Change begins with you. Waiting for other people or circumstances to change is putting your life on hold.

    2) Long lasting change happens slowly. Breaking down a big goal into smaller steps generally leads to longer lasting change than trying to do it all at once. For example if your goal is to exercise more this year, start off slowly. Better to take one workout class a week than plan to be at the gym for an hour 5 days a week.  Change takes getting used to and often abrupt changes aren’t sustainable.

    3) Change your environment, change your behavior. Research shows that our habits (good and bad) are often associated with a cue. When we change our environment or daily routine we have a better chance of breaking a bad habit.

    Go out there and make a small change each day!

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