Everyday thoughts swirl around in our head. Most of these thoughts are oriented towards the future – what is going to happen if… Sometimes we catch ourselves ruminating about the past. If only I had… Living in the present, in the moment is difficult. Yet, finding a place of stillness can quiet the fears for the future and the regrets of the past, giving us more peace of mind. It requires practice because in modern life it’s difficult to find moments of stillness.

Living with gratitude is not negating everyday stress and problems. Rather it is about finding beauty in our everyday world and taking a moment to give thanks. It’s about shifting the focus away from our problems and stressors for a moment and focusing on something that inspires or strengthens us. In the act of doing so we begin to reach beyond fear or regret. Making this a daily practice has shown to affect brain chemistry as contemporary neuropsychologists such as Dr. Rick Hansen and Dr. Daniel Siegel have written about.

What are you grateful for in this moment?